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  1. Jayne Louise Photography 
    Many thanks to Jayne for helping set me up on Instagram properly! We sat on the beach (I burnt my shoulders - mental note to apply suncream when chatting with friends in the sun!) and she totally took over my phone and sorted it all out. I'm still figuring out how to work it all properly but we put together a list of hashtags and although Jayne tried to explain the concept of hashtags to me - I don't think I've quite mastered it yet #twoshortplanks.
    I'm totally loving all the wedding and event posts! I've added a few gorgeous venues and a few choice photographers and party planners! I'm also cribbing quite a few ideas from other balloon artists for our organic disc displays! I'm definitely up to the challenge of creating mine to look as spectacular as theirs!
    I've also added Jayne to the website - the photographs she takes of those babies are just gorgeous! She has a real talent and an eye for a very good photo. You can tell she has an affinity with the children as some of the poses and expressions she captures are brilliant!
  2. DSC_0003 (3)

    So, while I've been away - Chris has created this! He was so cagey on the phone while I was sunning myself in Mexico! He just told me that he was working on something new but wouldn't send any photos for me to have a look at. When I got home, it was a total surprise and absolutely blew me away! These pictures were taken in my living room at home and we just about managed to build it up in there - it was touching the ceiling though! How amazing is this? We originally saw something like it on Michael McIntyre's end of the show, show when 2 singers walked through a lit up archway to get to the front of the stage. I joked that this was Chris's next project and oh my goodness - here it is! It looks more amazing in real life and we can't wait to unveil it at our next wedding show - keep an eye out for more details!

  3. Balloon Disc 2


    Old Trafford Wedding Fair on Sunday was another outing for our new lights and balloon display. The Sun was shining and the brides and grooms to be were excited to share their engagement news with us. Unfortunately I couldn't be there this time but left the display in the very capable hands of hubby and daughter along with Rachel from the sweetie shop. All 3 of them did an amazing job chatting, socialising and answering questions about our products. Chris was totally out of his comfort zone - he's much happier squirrelled away in the workshop creating our beautiful pieces but stepped up and was great at answering some technical questions about the LED lights.

  4. Balloon and Lights 3


    We've been up to all sorts over the last few weeks! Ever since I set my webpage up, it's been all go! I've been contacting hotels all over the North West and receiving some really good feedback - especially about our coloured lights. We've taken bookings and have started to delight our customers this weekend. Our multicoloured 'PARTY' lights have their first outing for Rossendale Valley Junior Football Club and again next weekend for a birthday party.

    Our terms and conditions have been given the seal of approval by our legal friends and have been added to the website. We picked up our new business cards/flyers from Orbital Design - - in Ramsbottom who have done an amazing job and made them look amazing!

    We also unveiled our new lights and balloon display which we're calling our LBD package. It incorporates the lights and balloons as well as offering a personalised backdrop to welcome your guests. The display can also frame your cake, wedding flowers, etc on our multi height pedestals. Initials and numbers can also be displayed in front of the personalised disc, love heart or rectangle to compliment your event - numbers for special birthday celebrations, light up initials or 'LOVE' for a wedding, for example. The possibilities for this package are endless and we can't wait to get some more photos done to show you!