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  1. It was always the general idea to take our little business and run with it - in any direction that it took us. Always say 'YES' right? 

    So, in the latter part of 2020 during lockdown, we were given the opportunity of running our own venue so that we could have a place to take our decor and host our own parties and events. The idea was that we would run Sweetness and Lights Events and continue to take our decor to other venues and into people's homes but we would also have a space where we could let our creativity loose and display our decor freely.

    After a lot of blood, sweat and tears - The Mill House Venue finally became a reality and we opened our doors at the beginning of August 2021. We took ownership of the keys at the beginning of the year and in conjunction with the directors of the building, a hell of a lot of renovation, refubishment and redecoration took place. Between us, we created the building that you see today. Windows were reinstated where they had been bricked up since 1971, the ceiling in the main function room was taken down and new downlighters, LED lighting and decorative plasterwork instated. Wood panelling along with some fabulous wood walls and wood art installations took up a lot of time but well worth as the final results are truly amazing. Some copper and gold touches here and there - not to mention wings in the ladies and the gents toilets and super cool touches of decor throughout have created a unique space which is enhanced by adding the finishing touches of decor that we have at our disposal.

    We're looking forward to hosting our first wedding in February 2022 and hopefully many more to come.


    The Mill House Venue

  2. Neon 5
    Trends evolve year after year which means that your wedding will be so much different from the one you attended last year and will be distinctly different from ones coming up over the next few years.
    There is a new trend that pops us every now and then that is completely new and no-one ever thought of in the past but most are variations on existing ideas. Each year that passes adds to the incredible range of ideas that already exist, meaning the options available to newly engaged couples just continues to grow.
  3.  Wedding Photo
    That's the average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2019. Yes, really - according to And it's gone down by £299 from 2018!
    More realistically, Hello! magazine has suggested that around £17,000 is the actual norm, going up to just over £24,000 in London so no need to panic just yet. So what are people actually spending their budget on? I've googled a couple of websites to get an idea of current trends and together with what I know of the industry, I'll hopefully be able to advise on ways that you can reduce the amount you spend.
    Stars 2Well, it's been a busy few months! We've been steadily working away both on the promotion side of things and on the creative side too. There have been a couple of seminars that I've attended on how to promote ourselves more effectively - this website is due an overhaul and I've got someone helping me with that so keep your eyes peeled, hopefully it will be easier to navigate and the information will be a lot clearer. I'm hoping to increase my rankings on google so I've been doing some homework and I've learnt that with everything, consistency is a must! Blogging apparently helps too so I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what you'd like to see whether it be more updates, information about organising an event, upcoming trends in the event decor market, what's new for us in the way of lights, light up letters, centerpieces, decor, etc.